Renz Lou Lagria (Philippines)
Student and Fitness Trainer
You may recognize Renz from a viral video when he was Mr. Cordillera but there is more to this 20-year-old guy. He used to be a typical college student who just wants a good time but his life changed when he ran out of money for his education. He had to work as a construction worker for 6 months and this made him realize the importance of a college degree. He continued his studies using his own hard-earned money. As he builds his life to the better, he started focusing on health and fitness. That built up to him becoming the Toughest Pinoy at R U Tough Enough? 2016 in the Philippines. Now, he has over 50,000 followers on social media. Renz wants to influence his fellow millennials to stay on the right track, may it be in fitness or in life.
Always be thankful to our god almighty and Jesus Christ our saviour.